What is a typical day on an excursion like?

Every excursion is unique and every group adds a new dynamic, however you can always expect to have an amazing time coupled with the best customer care. Everyday begins with a route review conducted by your group leader following breakfast. In addition to your personal set of detailed route notes which includes maps and visual queues, your leader will highlight points of interest along the way, such as villages, historical sights, museums, food and drink possibilities, and of course any fun activities that may be planned. The route reviews and notes are essential in keeping you safe and on the right course by providing helpful information. They allow you to be independent from the group if wanted, helping you get the most out of your ride.  

During the ride you will always have a support vehicle nearby for your safety and convenience. The support vehicle provides drinks and snacks, mechanical support, lifts to weary cyclists, and help with directions. Your  group leader will always be nearby to make sure you arrive at our destinations safely and on time while always giving you your freedom to explore and ride at your own pace.

Upon arrival at your accommodations there is usually plenty of time for relaxation before heading out for your next wine tasting or multi-course dinner extravaganza. Enjoy a dip in the pool, some window-shopping in town, or a glass of wine on the veranda. We want you to get the most out of your active holiday but are always remembering to leave enough free time so you can enjoy “la dolce vita” as much as Tuscan’s do. 

 Dinners are usually group events, however your group leaders can always make arrangements for a special table for two and every excursion includes at least one free night to enjoy where and with whom you choose. Your dinner’s can be had at your farmhouse accommodations or in the town centers usually just a short drive away. The typical Tuscan meal involves multiple courses and locally produced wine so you may want to begin training for this as well as for all the riding you will do!


Do I need to bring my own bicycle?

All equipment for our excursions is provided except for pedals that are non SPD compatible. We offer a wide array of hybrid bikes and road/race bikes of either aluminum or carbon frame material fitted with Campagnolo or Shimano group sets.

Some people choose to bring their personal bikes, and that’s okay too. In fact we will give you a discount, rebuild it for you, and then disassemble it again and repack it when it’s time to go back home! It’s all up to you. Let us know your measurements, bike preference, and helmet size and we will find you the perfect fit.


What is the role of the group leaders?

During the excursion, your group leaders are responsible for getting you from point A to point B safely and on time, and most importantly with a smile on your face. Besides this, they are anything and everything at once. They are your personal driver and navigator that will transfer your luggage and provide vehicle support if you ever get tired. They are your translator, bike mechanic, and photographer. They will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on local traditions and culture, help you navigate an extensive wine list or menu, and be a motivator on the tough hills. Group leaders are there to assist you in any way possible at any time and their number one duty is to ensure that you have the ride of a lifetime!


Who are the typical clientele of BCT?

Our typical guests come from North America and Australia, but often groups can be comprised of people with varied backgrounds and origins. Typically our groups age range is thirties to early sixties. On our multi-day excursions we require a minimum age of 18 years, and restrict the number of people per group to 12 or less unless it is a private group tour. We require a minimum of 2 people for multi-day excursions. If your traveling with kids contact us about a custom, more kid friendly rides with activities the whole family can enjoy. We also cater to those with a stricter traveling budget by offering self-guided excursions.


Do I need to be a serious cyclist? 

Our guests come from all walks of life and different fitness levels. While group leaders are there to help mark turns and keep you from getting lost, all riders will have their own set of detailed route notes so they can ride easily on their own without problems. Often groups spread out over the day on the route because everyone rides at a different pace, and perhaps some like to stop more often than others to see the sites along the way. We offer different itineraries at different skill levels so you can choose the one that best suits you. Couples are often at different riding levels too, so we offer additional optional rides for those that are wanting to put in a few more kilometers than their partner. We strive to design rides that will allow you to go at your own pace and still have time at the end of the day to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Remember, van support is always nearby, so if you get tired and want a lift up the hill, just signal when they come by. All rides are optional so if you feel like just hanging out one day at the hotel or in town we can arrange that.  


I have a food allergy, will I have difficulty adhering to my normal dietary restrictions?

Absolutely not. Whether you have a food allergy or a special diet, as long as we know in advance of your arrival any of the organized meals during the trip can cater to your needs.