"The meals I've most savored invariably told a story of a people and a place."


On every Broken Compass excursion you will literally ride into a regional Italian food and wine experience. Each day offers something new, from amazing cycling routes through ever changing terrains to private visits of small farms specializing in cheese or wine. 

Along with tasting some of the offerings at each stop, you will also learn how these local specialties are made! Each day also ends with a bountiful dinner of typical regional dishes prepared using locally grown ingredients from the land you have just cycled through. There is no better way to experience a foreign culture than through it’s food and drink. 

Discover the riches of local tradition, such as real extra virgin olive oil, one of the most exquisite examples of the gifts offered by these lands. It’s aroma and flavors are a gastronomic heritage and it’s healthful virtues known for thousands of years are confirmed by scientific studies. 


Organic Farms, Slow Food, and "Kilometer Zero"

Organic family operated farms, restaurants, and wineries form a critical role on every Broken Compass tour as we believe a healthy mind and body starts here with proper consumption of local products from reliable sources.

Consumption of local food and produce on our tours is of upmost importance as this practice helps us to reduce or impact on the environment and to support our local farmers. Besides, food always tastes better from the source!


Wine Tastings

Each and every BCT trip will have at least one wine tasting along the way, but most likely even more than this! Besides tasting the wine you will be expertly guided through the winery and all of your questions about wine making will finally be answered with an up close and personal experience most often with the wine-maker themselves. 


Cooking Courses

During most of our excursions we offer an authentic Tuscan cooking course for all of our guests to enjoy. When traveling the different regions of the world you immerse yourself in the culture by eating the local cuisine, but we want you to go one step further. Learn how these dishes are created and see for yourself the freshness of the local ingredients. 

The best part of our cooking courses is not just the instruction by culinary professionals, but the fact that you are highly involved. You will see and then do by slicing, chopping, whipping, sauteing, basting, stirring, and baking each one of your dishes with the help of your fellow riders and a local chef. Menu’s always vary according to location and season, but always feature the best local ingredient’s.


*If you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, or otherwise, you need not worry! Just inform us prior to your arrival and we can meet all of your dietary requests.